A sound investment, or a Lemon? Buyer advice

So you are in the market for your dream home, or you may have already made the big purchase. Buying a home is the one of the biggest financial commitments and investments most Australians will make in their lifetime. But how do you make a sound investment that will be a major asset rather than a nightmare. Read on as I look at some key points to look at to ensure your home is not of the citrus variety!

Astonishingly, the vast majority of home buyers never get a thorough building report carried out on the property they purchase. It just makes sense to get an expert inspector to take a look at the structural integrity of the building to help you find solutions to potential issues before they become major concerns. You can also do some basic inspections yourself, but leave the important structural work to an expert.

Checking the door hardware and windows is a good starting point you can do yourself. Check that there is no rot in timber window frames and the glass does not rattle when you open the window. Check sliding doors are running smoothly as replacing sliding door tracks can be quite costly. If you do decide to replace any doors or windows, Brio manufacture high quality bifold doors and windows that use stainless steel hardware and maintenance free sliding door tracks. Brio are a very trusted, established company within the architectural industry with kind of door hardware we all drool over in designer homes.

Looking deeper into the bowels of a house can highlight many potential issues. Floor framing and stumping, often used in pre 1980’s houses can rot or be infested with termites causing uneven floors or even affecting doors or windows shutting properly. You will need to get under the house to take a proper look at this. If re stumping is needed, expect to pay a lot as this involves structural work. Luckily, modern buildings use concrete slabs or concrete stumps so these issues tend to only affect older houses.