Tips for Selling your Home

Even though the housing market is running pretty hot right now, it still pays to put in the effort and money to make your home stand out from the crowd.

The big question that most people ask themselves before selling is “should I renovate before selling?” Well, that is really up to you however, most houses will need some sort of fresh styling before potential buyers come through. Buyers still look the best value for their money and are often spoilt for choice so putting in the extra miles can really benefit your final sale price result. This can be as minor as engaging a professional home stylist to make over the house in line with current trends to a full renovation. Generally the only buyers searching for homes that are run down and outdated are people looking to snap up a bargain to then value add to make a profit on resale.

So where should you focus if decide to renovate? From research, the kitchen is a good place to start with a majority of home buyers indicating they would like a modern, stylish kitchen above other areas of a house. Only a small percentage view a pool as a real selling point and bathrooms can really make a good impression also. Bathrooms are usually also fairly straight forward to renovate with a simple coat of paint or updating tapware really lifting a bathroom quite easily with little cost.

If you are willing to spend a bit more money and time, the definite trend has been towards open plan living. The majority of buyers, especially families are looking for easy living, open plan interior design, ideally where parents can see children playing outside from the kitchen. A great way to achieve this is to utilise large bifold doors or sliding doors which open out onto a deck or yard. Brio is one of the best designers and manufacturer’s of quality door hardware in the world so they are a good place to start when it comes to converting to open plan.

The street view of the house is the first impression people will have of the house, so make sure it’s in the best possible condition. Low cost updates include some new pebbles on the driveway, a new letterbox, weeding the nature strip. In terms of the actual house, a high pressure cleaner is your best companion. Use it to clean walls, windows and doors in a flash.