Top Styling Tips for selling your home

These days more often than not, the initial view of your house is going to be online. Most buyers will decide on buying a house long before they actually view the property. This makes styling your home for optimal view impact key to selling your home fast and for the price you want.

The kitchen is quite important to get right. Make sure you clear benches of all clutter and only have two appliances visible. You can add bursts of colour by placing fruit in a bowl or fresh cut flowers in a vase, just make sure the flowers suit the house – a contemporary bouquet for a modern house can really work wonders. Remember not to impart too much of your own style on the kitchen, you want to help people imagine themselves living there.

A simple coffee table can make a big difference when styled with a little thought. A stack of books, ideally about art or design combined with a nice vase and flowers is a good start. If you have a few glass or ceramic vases and objects, group them together near one corner of the table. If you stick to one colour pallet you’ll avoid objects competing for attention and create a slick, elegant look.

In the bathroom, go for bright white or neutral towels and clear the vanity of everything apart from maybe a soap dispenser from a classy brand such as Aesop or a bottle of expensive perfume. Add flowers in vase or pot (real or plastic, the lens won’t give it away), and remember, you want the house to look expensive so buyers will be willing to spend their money on it. Having said that, don’t be tempted to make too staged, you should aim to have a room look stylish but warm and welcoming. Shy away from trying to perfectly align everything – life is imperfect so trying too hard can look contrived and actually put buyers off.

Remember to turn on the lights! Forget about energy consumption for the photo shoot. Lighting is a massive component to getting the best possible images so turn those designer pendants and downlights on for the shoot to show them off and make the room appear light filled and warm.